Saturday, December 1, 2012



I figured since I've been absent for so long, this would give me a good opportunity to go back and share with you all my Instagrams from the past few months! Which one is your favorite? You can follow me on Instagram at @omgthursday.

1. My birthday cake! Cannoli cake doesn't stand a chance in this house 
2. Dave Matthews Band for my birthday 
3. Wearing sunglasses inside. Cool. 
4. Fried Green Tomatoes at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem! Yummy!! 
5. New shoes from the best mama a girl could ask for 
6. Colorful 
7. New dress 
8. Detail shot of my new dress 
9. Lookin a little sassy 
10. Blue blazer and a floral print skirt 
11. One of my favorite dresses (worn as a skirt here)! Sure you can tell this is a staple in my wardrobe 
12. New glasses! 
13. Orchid on my lapel
14. Crazy hair and a tribal print skirt 
15. Waldo stripes and funky gold necklace 
16. More stripes! 
17. Checkerboard and burnt orange pants, it's sweater season! 
18. Time for scarves 
19. Ballerina skirt 
20. Making a summer dress winter friendly by wearing a long sleeve over top and adding a scarf 
21. Yellow flats! 
22. I miss wearing sandals, damn this cold weather! 
23. My mama and I in NYC 
24. A beautiful day for a rooftop brunch 
25. My ADORABLE new baby cousin Jack and my beautiful cousin Hayley 
26. My dad, sisters, and I on Thanksgiving 
27. Starfish!! 
28. A farewell shot from my hometown, St. Petersburg, Florida. Back to NY we go!

I hope y'all enjoyed! Have a great rest of the weekend. One more week until I start my new job at Hirshleifers! I am so, so excited to finally be fulfilling my dream of working in the fashion industry. We'll see how it goes! xoxo


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