Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally the weekend!

Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great! Any big plans for the weekend? My friends from work are taking me out tomorrow night to celebrate my new job! Need to figure out what to wear now that I mention it...

Well, I finally finished up my last day at my current job. My boss was nice enough to give me Friday off so I now have a long weekend ahead of me! I start my new job on Monday. I'm so ready to take on the fashion world. This is definitely a dream opportunity for me. I think the only thing I am kind of worried about is meeting new people, but I always feel that way at first and it usually turns out alright. So I'm just gonna try not to think about it too much. 

Anyways! I have to wear all black at Hirshleifers so I'm definitely in need of some new staple items that I can mix and match! The worst part about the all black is that my New Years resolution for 2012 was to wear more color! And I actually followed through with that, so my closet is currently very bright and colorful. I guess it's time to darken it up again haha :)

By the way, check out to get an idea of the amazing products and designers I will be working with. I know I haven't shut up about it but I just can not wait to dive in. I seriously can't believe it's real!

Enough of my blabber and onto the good stuff... Just a few things I wanted to share with you all!

Channeling all black (well, mostly)

I love everything about this look! The top is adorable but the skirt is my favorite for sure. Unfortunately it's sold out, but you can find something similar here, or here for a more reasonably priced, faux option.

Now these pants are something to look at. They are definitely on my Christmas wish list!

7 For All Mankind Jeans

Beckett 8 Eye Boot

Have a great weekend! 

xoxo, Olivia


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