Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Fancies :: Decked out for the Derby

Happy Friday everyone! At last the weekend is here. The weather here in New York has been crappy as hell- raining all week! I just checked the forecast and it's supposed to rain all weekend, too- which sucks because my friends and I were planning a picnic on Saturday! Silly us for not checking the weather :( Maybe next weekend!

Anyway, looks like it'll be a quiet weekend in. I think I'll catch up on some projects I've been neglecting. I've been working on colorblocking a pair of my wedges that I got from Target years ago. Here's an update on my progress:

I am working on another coat of blue paint, because I want them to be as bright as possible! I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of what the shoes looked like before. Oh well. The wedge was black before, you can use your imagination.

So, if it wasn't official already- I'm completely addicted to colored denim! I snagged a pair of purple pants the other day!

I'm linking up with {av} at {longdistanceloving} for this weeks Friday's Fancies theme is Decked out for the Derby. I thought this was such a cute idea-- I've always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby just to be able to dress up and wear a fancy hat! Truth be told, this is not a very fancy hat. Where does one shop for such an extravagant hat? 

Friday's Fancies :: Decked out for the Derby

Dress- Asos
Hat- Asos
Clutch- Barneys
Shoes- Nordstrom 

And a special happy birthday to my wonderful mama! You're the best, I love ya! :)

I hope you all have a great weekend! 
Thanks for reading :)

PS- My pictures were taken with Instagram. Follow me! @omgthursday


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