Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Foundation of Any Relationship

So, I found this funny little gif somewhere online and found it to be probably one of the most accurate pie charts of all time. So I figured I'd take this opportunity to do something a little off track- which is talk about the trends I'm really HATING right now. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for wearing what you want to wear and personal style- but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Some of these crazy fads are driving me nuts, so where better to let out my sartorial frustrations than here?!

Okay, let's get this show on the road.

Matching Floral

Let's start with probably my worst enemy. This Elizabeth & James number is one that really triggered my gag reflex.  Who on earth would wear this besides a 90 year old church going woman with a matching hat? I know and HOPE that most people would wear these as two separate pieces, because that MAY (and I'm really emphasizing on the MAY) look alright. WHY OH WHY! And as for the Zara matching shorts and button up...need I say more? I can't deal with this.

image via Zara

Pajama Style

Now onto this catastrophe.. It's just as bad as matching florals. Now I can't say that most of my bedtime ensembles are quite ridiculous, but I definitely don't go parading around in PUBLIC wearing them (okay, maybe I've gone to pick up Chinese take out wearing them... shut up)! I mean, I guess I approve of not having to get dressed to go out of the house and have it be acceptable, but really?

 images via Stockholm Streetstyle, Style.com, & Glamour.com

Clear Shoes

These down right get under my skin. Even when I was 5 years old I didn't think clear jelly shoes were cool, and I don't think they're cool now even if they're made into big girl shoes! What's attractive about clear plastic wrapped around your foot, probably causing you to sweat profusely? They probably smush your foot all around and make it look like you have weird wrinkly feet, too. No. Just...no.

images via WhoWhatWear
Track pants

There's not much to say about this one, it's just atrocious. If I wanted to look like an Adidas campaign I still wouldn't wear these. It is not acceptable to restyle work-out clothing. That is all.

images via net-a-porter, Zara

Leather skirts/dresses

Leather just isn't flattering if it isn't structured correctly. I don't understand what people are thinking sometimes. There is an exception to this, though-- I really do like short pleated leather skirts. I've seen a few of those around and definitely can dig them, but yeah otherwise, no.

image via Stockholm Streetstyle

image via Asos

So now that I've finished my rant, I want to hear your thoughts.. What trends are you not loving right now? There are unfortunately many more trends I could go on about, but I figured I'd stick to the major ones. Yeah I'm a little bit crazy, I know that.


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