Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Links, life as of late and upcoming! Plus, a touching video

  • This kitchen is absolutely beautiful.
  • I just found this super easy and delicious recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls!
  • Organize your frequently used desk wires, like your laptop and phone chargers, easily with binder clips! I use this trick at home and at work.
  • This week Scott had the great idea to make our own homemade Big Macs! Check out this video tutorial, the recipe is super easy and not to mention DELICIOUS! I used my new Griddler to grill the burgers, they turned out perfect! Of course we had to be extra bad and have some curly fries, too!
I can't wait till April! This month has already flown by. Scott and I are going to a Rangers game. It'll be my first hockey game in NY and my first visit to Madison Square Garden!
This is the absolutely the most touching video I've ever seen. The power of words are amazing. I seriously teared up watching this.


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