Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work it Wednesday No. 1

This week I'm linking up with Laura at A Little Bit of Lacquer for Work It Wednesday!

I work in a law firm which can be a little stuffy, and while I would love to dress super funky, I prefer to be tone it down a bit to be taken seriously at the office. I am lucky in that I can jazz it up occasionally because it's a small firm, and my boss is pretty lenient when it comes to dress code; I can even get away with wearing jeans on days other than Friday if I'm feeling a little lazy (or haven't done laundry hehe), so I consider myself pretty lucky in that regard.

I went a little crazy with this set. I just kept adding accessories and it turned into a whole mess of things I absolutely love!
Work It Wednesday No. 1

Those Intermix sunglasses remind me of glasses my grandma used to wear, she got them in Vienna, Italy probably 15 years ago. I personally thought they were a little out there when I was younger, but now I just love them! My favorite pieces have to be the printed scarf, the Le Silla platforms, the high-waisted sailor-esque pants, and the Valentino headband!

What do you think? Would you rock any of these looks to work?
Thanks to Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer for hosting this awesome weekly link-up! I'm looking forward to putting my look together for next week!

In other news, tomorrow I'm meeting up with my friend Adam and taking some outfit pictures! This will be my first "I WANT THESE SHOES" official outfit photo shoot and I'm so excited to share them with you! He's an awesome photographer and I've been conjuring up some ideas as to the location we'll be shooting at, so hopefully it'll be a hit!
Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! This song is fitting for today, I just love Dave more than anything!


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