Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Fancies :: Pretty in Pastels :: &Attention New Yorkers!

We're back again for Friday's Fancies with {av} at {long distance loving}.. this weeks theme is Pretty in Pastels! I will admit this was a challenge for me because color is still something I'm still not so comfortable with! I'm a neutrals kinda girl, but have been making a significant effort to incorporate more bright colors into my wardrobe.

Friday's Fancies :: Pretty in Pastels

7 For All Mankind Skinny Second Skin Legging in Neon Citron
Faster by Mark Fast Aldo Rise Cregger Heels
Ruche Pretty Pastel Floral Dress
7 For All Mankind Rayn Wedge
AK Vintage Necklace

I'm really looking forward to these upcoming weekends! Next week is Scott and I's three year anniversary! I can't believe it's already been 3 years. And May marks my two year anniversary of moving to New York! Crazy how time flies.

So this is a little random and probably strange but I'm dying to branch out a little more and meet some new people. Would any of you ladies in NYC be interested in brunch and a little shopping in the city sometime? I live near Queens and it's only a short train ride for me to venture into the city. Long Island tends to get a little boring at times (read: most of the time) and I can't say the people here are the friendliest (at least that I've encountered). Who knows! I'm just trying to broaden my horizons a bit and so many bloggers I follow are NYC locals that I'd love to meet! Or maybe I'm just being a creep. Anyway, let me know your thoughts. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! Here are a couple snaps I took of my outfit today.

xoxox! Olivia


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