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Guest Post :: Honoring Beauty

Fashion for me has always been a way for me to escape into my own little world. It's not about having expensive clothing or being up with the latest trends, style makes me happy. Whether I'm wearing something new or old, it's all about how I feel wearing it and the confidence it gives me. If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful--no matter the circumstance. 

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Jackie, an advocate for The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, contacted me to team up and do a guest post on women empowerment. Many of us know someone who has or had some form of cancer, and it's very difficult to have the strength in yourself to feel confident after a devastating diagnosis. Fashion is a great way to express yourself and feel great in what you're wearing.

Honoring Beauty
By: Jackie Clark

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a devastating life event. It can change a
woman’s plans for the future, her priorities in the present and the way she
perceives herself and her story. Suddenly, parts of life that seemed important
become overshadowed by the battle for healing that takes place within her body.
A disease such as mesothelioma or lymphoma can leave a woman feeling as
though she has no control over the events of her life. While it is true that cancer
affects the body in countless ways, there are still choices that a woman can
make to increase her strength and confidence while fighting cancer. One of
these is the choice to honor her body by expressing her inward beauty through
personal fashion.

While some might categorize a concern for clothing or beauty as trivial, it is
actually an important way for women facing difficult circumstances such as
cancer to remain grounded in their own identity and strength. Choosing beautiful
clothes or fashion forward shoes can remind a woman that the cancer does not
define her. The effects of the disease or even treatment effects cannot rob her of
her unique beauty, and personal style gives a woman the chance to showcase
this beauty to the world and, more importantly, to herself.

A woman with cancer may feel as if her body has become her enemy; on the
contrary, her body is fighting with a great deal of strength and perseverance to
keep her from succumbing to the disease. Because of this courageous and
difficult work, a woman’s body deserves to be honored and respected. Rather
than seeing her body as broken or diseased, a woman who showcases creative
expressions of fashion can continue to celebrate and honor the magnificent body
that daily sustains her and fights for life.

The ways to show inner beauty through outer appearance are as varied as the
women who express them. Many women may find satisfaction through a
shopping trip where they allow themselves to buy a beautiful outfit—not
necessarily for a special occasion but simply to celebrate their own beauty. It is
amazing how a pair of new shoes or a striking pair of earrings can boost self-
confidence and help a woman to feel comfortable and confident in her own skin.
On days when energy and emotion are depleted, something as simple as a coat
of red lipstick can remind her that she is worthy and valuable.

Ultimately, the courageous women who survive each day through the challenges
of cancer deserve to be celebrated. If each can learn to recognize and accept
her unique beauty, she will find abundant inner resources and strength to face
oncoming obstacles.


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