Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I need to start keeping up with this more

I am starting to feel motivated and inspired to do my blog postings on a more regular basis. I definitely have a lot of shoe cravings- nothing's changed there. These past couple months have been hectic beyond belief. Scott and I moved out of his parent's house into our own apartment in Elmont, New York. The area is great. Floral Park High School is right down the block and we try to walk the track at least 3 or 4 times a week. This crappy weather has set us back this past week, though. Last night we made homemade cupcakes and frosting for Rosh Hashanah at Vicki's tonight. They came out pretty good for my first attempt at baking without a buying a cake mix from the grocery store. Ok, so on with my shoe obsession...

I am really digging these mensware-esque pumps and flats. They're masculine but definitely sexy and will turn some heads.

I wish these didn't have such hideous laces! I love the work boot feel, though. They remind me of my stepdad's boots that he refuses to replace until the soles wear through. I recently bought a pair of boots that have these same types of holes for the laces. They give some great detail to the shoes.

These are great. I love the western/cowboy vibe. I had a pair of cowboy boots when I was 16-17 that I absolutely adored. I really love wearing girly dresses and a "gruff" kind of shoe. It breaks the outfit up and gives a different feel to the whole look.

I found most of these on They have a great selection, surprisingly!


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