Thursday, June 30, 2011

So, I'll be honest .... I like some of Jessica Simpson's (or as we call her, J SIMPS) shoes.

You can't deny a great shoe, no matter what the brand... right? Well I guess it depends. But I was ashamed at first because I liked some styles that J Simps designed.
Jeffery Campbell Cambria Lace Up Heel

Miista Naia Heel

Boutique 9 Harland Slip On Brogue

Hoyt Oxford Sandal

Jeffery Cambell Congo Perforated Wedge

Jeffery Campbell Woven Slingback Brogue

Jeffery Campbell Regis Wege

Jeffery Campbell Brit Boot

I found all these at Free People's website.

I bought a pair from Free People the other day.. they still haven't arrived but here they are...

Heide Hiker Platform Boots


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