Monday, December 19, 2011

This was my first attempt at a Webdoc. Since I'm not handy with Photoshop or other photo editing elements, I need something to virtually collage my ideas. So I'm glad I stumbled upon this little gem. 

In other news I am so excited for my trip to Florida! Scott and I will be leaving Wednesday afternoon flying to my hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. I decided to save my Christmas shopping until I get there since it is such a mess even driving near the mall around here. I call it MINIVAN MAYHEM! I went to the Indian restaurant by the mall last weekend and almost got ran off the road by crazy soccer moms trying to finish their Christmas shopping. Not worth the headache!! I'm going to stop by the dollar store today to pick up some little baskets and goodies to give to my coworkers for the holidays. I'm such a procrastinator.


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